Scalper Pro Indicator with MACD Alert, CCI Histogram and 200 EMA

Scalper Pro is considered one of the most accurate short trend indicators, but trend alone is not enough to ensure safe and profitable trades on short time frames like the 5m or the 1m Forexkeyboard.com traders have designed a template of indicators that when used together provide a safe entry and exit trades.


Pairs Works on any pair recommend are GBPUSD, GBPJPY
Trading Times Tokyo Open, London open and New York open is the best time to open the trades, open trades during mid-session is not recommend.
Exits The exit should be based on the indicators and major support and resistance areas
MT versions Metatrader 4
Chart Time 5M
Target Pips GPBUSD 15 to 20 pips - GBPJPY 30 to 45 pips

What is in the ZIP file:What is not in the Zip file:How to use:
  1. Download and expand Zip
  2. Place Indicators in Metatrader 4 Indicators folder
  3. Place Template into Metatrader 4 Templated folder
  4. Read instructions bellow

Scalper Pro – 1M and 5M scalper trading system by ForexKeyboard.com


Buy Setup
  1. Wait for a major time open such as London open.
  2. Check MACD Alert is not flat and has a green upward trend
  3. Check CCI Histogram is showing Blue bars
  4. Check Scalper Pro is Blue
  5. Check the price is over 200 EMA
  6. Open Buy trade

In some cases as in the example above the setup is ready but the price does not cross the 200 EMA until much later. It is very important to wait as the 200 EMA is used as a resistance and support level