Free Forex keyboard for Metatrader 4 and Metatrader 5


The Imperium Metatrader keyboard allows traders to take advantage of fast MT4 shortcuts keys enabling forex traders to execute quicker trades.

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Free Imperium Forex Keyboard

Free Imperium Forex Keyboard
The Imperium Forex Keyboard has pulled in the most commonly used functions into MT4 shortcuts and also invented new ones that do not exist in the Metatrader platforms.

The Metatrader forex shortcuts keyboard provides a comprehensive list of seventy eight shortcut keys for MT4 and MT5. As traders know all too well, when the news comes in the speed of execution matters, many traders use the MT4 shortcuts to help them but can more often slow them down and some shortcuts simply do not exist in the MT4 and MT5 platform.

An example being fast switching between currency pairs, there is no keyboard shortcut for this, the fastest way is to search out the pair on the market watch window, select it using your mouse then drag it to the chart slowly so you don’t open the order function by accident. In the Free Imperium MT4 and MT5 Keyboard we have made this into a single button function.
Free Imperium Forex Keyboard
Free Imperium Forex Keyboard
Now you can for example, quickly scan all Euro pairs and see the trends and then make an informed trade. A process that would normally take ten to fifteen minutes is now possible in under a minute.

Install The Imperium Windows Forex Keyboard

Install The Imperium Windows Forex Keyboard

Installing Forex Keyboard Key Listening EA into MT4

Installing Forex Keyboard Key Listening EA into MT4

The Expert advisor (EA) runs local on the MT5 or MT4 Terminal there is a different version of EA for each Metatrader version. The EA’s function is to capture the clicks and convert them to Metatrader language to perform the desired function. The EA is fast and uses hardly any system resources.

If you are running an Expert Advisor for trading or any other process you can still run that EA in a chart our EA does not interfere with any other charts EA.

Designed by traders the Imperium Metatrader keyboard allows traders to take advantage of fast shortcut keys enabling traders to execute quicker trades.

Using customised expert advisor and the Imperium keyboard forex traders can perform the following actions with just one click:

Orders and Pairs

Orders and Pairs




New order

Close all trades (across all pairs)

Switch between 28 of the most popular currency pairs plus Gold and Silver

Set lot sizes

Close only sell trades

Close only buy trades

Set Take Profit

Set Stop Loss

Chart functions

Chart functions

Open new Chart

Change timeframe

Arrow keys

Fast left

Fast right

Chart home

Chart End


Show Cross Hair

Close chart

Next Chart

Indicator window

Volumes on/off

Grid on/off

Auto Scale (reset scaling)

Show period on/off

General Functions

General Functions



Back Space



Auto Trading on/off

Options windows

EA properties

Terminal window

Number Pad

MT4 and MT5 are the most widely used trading terminals in the forex market, using the Imperium Forex Keyboard will speed up order execution and navigation.