Free Scripts MT4 & MT5

Free Metatrader 4 scripts and Metatrader 5 scripts are listed below with more being added each day

Scripts are not ready for download, they will be ready in May 2019
We are designing more scripts ready for the May product launch

NameMT4 Shortcut AssignmentDescription
BUYALT+YOpens Buy trades using a SL and TP & MT4 Chart lot size
SELLALT+SOpens Sell trades using a SL and TP & MT4 Chart lot size
Close Buy
ALT+DCloses any buy trade on that selected chart
Close SellALT+RCloses any sell trade on the selected chart
Close AllALT+XCloses all trades on selected chart
Set TP & SLChoose any coloured keySets SL and TP on all open position 
Close and Open ReserveChoose any coloured keyCloses all positions and open reverse trades with the same lot sizes
Change Timeframe AllChoose any coloured keyChanges the timeframe on all charts 
Take ScreenshotChoose any coloured keyTakes a full screenshot of the selected chart
Close all Profit TradesChoose any coloured keyCloses all your profitable positions
Close all Loss TradesChoose any coloured keyCloses all your loss trades
Delete all PendingChoose any coloured keyRemoves any Pending order
Open Alerts WindowALT+9Opens the Metatrader Alerts Popup
Weekly & Monthly PivotsChoose any coloured keyDraws Weekly and Monthly Pivot Lines
Modify SL and TPChoose any coloured keyChange the SL and TP on all positions in one go
Change Current Chart
Timeframe Up one
ALT+7Moves the chart to next timeframe up
Change Current Chart
Timframe Down one
ALT+8Moves the chart to next timeframe down
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Installing Scripts into MetaTrader

Step 1) Download the script and copy the two files
Step 2) On MetaTrader Click on 'File > Open Data Folder'
Step 3) Click on MQL4 Folder
Step 4) Click on Scripts Folder
Step 5) Paste the script filese here
Step 6) In MetatTrader select Scripts > Right Click > Refresh
Step 7) Select the new Script > Right Click > Set hotkey
Step 8) Set the desired Hotkey > Set to save
Step 9) Test in Metatrader

Scripts will be available for free download in May 2019

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