London Forex Rush System

London Forex Rush System is a profitable trading strategy based on observations of the price during the London session. Strategy London Forex Rush System can be used for most currency pairs. 

Make the opening of trading positions need at the end of the Asian session or install Pending Orders after the close of the Asian session

The London open is a very popular trading time almost 30% of Forex trade happens during the London session

Chart Setup

You will need the following indicators can found in the downloaded zip file at the bottom of this page :

London Forex Rush Template file
Forex Rush Manual

All files are in the download at the bottom on the page

Chart Timeframes :  15M and 30M
Target Pips : 20 pips.
Pairs : Works on any pair recommend are GBPUSD, GBPAUD, GBPCAD, GBPJPY
Trading Times : London open
Exits : The exit should be based on the indicators and major support and resistance areas
Metatrader Version : 4

London Forex Rush System
London Forex Rush System
London Forex Rush System

How to use the system

Place a pending Buy 5 pips above the Asian session high
Place a pending Sell 5 pips bellow the Asian session Low

Wait for the price to breakout and then follow the trend. The system is best explained in this trading manual

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