Forex Profit Keeper Strategy  

Profit Keeper scalping Strategy is based on trend following and has no restriction or recommendation on currency pairs.
Using four indicators to filter out trends. The H1 timeframe is recommended but that does mean you will be intraday or day trading rather than scalping

We tested on GBPUSD using the 5M Chart a traded in the direction of the 15M chart the results were mixed but overall more winning trades then losses.  Traders must close trade when signal reverses. 

Chart Setup

You will need the following indicators can found in the downloaded zip file at the bottom of this page :

FPK_Arrows - Buy and sell arrows
FPK_FT - Filtered bars at the bottom of the chart
FPK_MACD - Dotted indicator showing trend
Moving Averages - In the template file showing areas of support and resistance

Chart Timeframes : 5M minimum and follow 15M for main trend
Target Pips :  5M 15 pips, 15M 20 pips.
Pairs : Works on any pair tested on GBPUSD
Trading Times : Tokyo Open, London open and New York open is the best time to open the trades, 
Exits : The exit should be based on the indicators and major support and resistance areas
Metatrader Version : 4

Forex Profit Keeper Strategy

How to use the system

Buy Setup

1.  Arrows Indicator turns blue and points up
2. MACD indicator crosses above 0 line and closed with blue dot
3. Filter bar is blue
4. Open Buy trade

Sell trade is the exact opposite 

We tested and found that trading in the direction of the higher timeframe is the best way to filter out pullbacks and false signals. Trading against the trend is reduced when following the next higher timeframe.

So when trading the 5M Chart, follow the direction of the 15M Chart.

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