FX VEVOM PRO - Trading System

FX VENOM PRO is a brand new trading formula designed for making maximum profit from major and minor trends. It provides the most advanced trading technology that allows you to take advantage of very accurate market predictions.

FX VENOM PRO has been equipped with everything any trader could think of. You don’t have to be a professional to use it, just load the indicator on your chart and start catching pips right away.

FX VENOM PRO catches very fast and profitable price movements and gives you an easy BUY/ SELL signals. Our software Three way alert feature, so that you will never miss a trade. Every trading signal is very carefully verified by the system to produce only the highest probability trades.

Chart Setup

You will need the following indicators can found in the downloaded zip file at the bottom of this page :


As the system has three modes of risk are also three templates in the zip file



Chart Timeframes : ANY using three modes of the FX Nuke
Target Pips : 1M 7 Pips, 5M 15 pips, 15M 20 pips.
Pairs : Works on any pair recommend are GBPUSD, USDJPY, EURUSD 
Trading Times : Tokyo Open, London open and New York open is the best time to open the trades, 
Exits : The exit should be based on the indicators and major support and resistance areas
Metatrader Version : 4

FX Venom Pro Trading System
FX Venom Pro Trading System
FX Venom Pro Trading System
FX Venom Pro Trading System

How to use the system

Buy Setup

1. Wait for a major time open such as London open.
2. Wait for The Snake to turn Blue
3. For best results also check the Three squares are blue
4. Open BUY Trade

Very easy to use, we tested and found good results during peak hours on the 1M and 5M charts

Overall a very easy to use system takes some practice on when to take profits, recommended for any timeframe 

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